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WNBA All-Star Game adaptation


In 1996, the WNBA hosted its first All-Star game in New York City.  As Creative Director for the NBA Store window displays, I designed every aspect of the windows for two years.  For this window display (seen on my Experiential Design page), I created miniatures of famous NYC buildings, including Madison Square Garden, where the game would take place. This adaptation of the All-Star Game logo was meticulously created in Adobe Illustrator to simulate its appearance as a marquee sign at MSG.



I'm a huge fan of Al Hirschfeld, the well-known caricaturist who was famous for his work for the New York Times.  On occasion I have been asked to created caricatures for friends and family and I always reference his style in my work.

For the group caricature seen below, these drawings were created over a period of weeks while I served Grand Jury duty. I was fairly bored by the proceedings and began to draw sketches of the prosecutors, assistants, and witnesses. At the end of my "sentence", I turned the sketches into inked drawings, scanned them in and gave each of my fellow jurors a copy of the composite.  Each of the original drawings were given to the staff, who were both impressed and bewildered that I had the time to execute the caricatures.

As a coda to the event, I was summoned for Petit Jury duty ten years later and came in contact with the senior prosecutor.  When I reminded him of who I was, he remarked that he still had his drawing framed and on the wall of his office. He thanked me for my gift and I was excused from duty for the day.

Political cartoons


It would be no secret that I was no fan of the New Jersey administration under Chris Christie, which was morally bankrupt since day one. As an outlet for my frustration I created a series of political cartoons for my own enjoyment, knowing full well they could never be published except on my own accord.

Captain Kangaroo concept sketches


A few years back a good friend of mine who was a world-famous circus clown and clown historian, bought the rights to the Captain Kangaroo name and development rights for television and print. He based his new incarnation of the character off of one of his clown personalities and asked me to develop a print version of the character to use for promotional purposes, tied in to a television pilot he produced to demonstrate the viability of the new character.

Sadly, his efforts never saw fruition as the pilot was turned down by several networks and while still shopping it around, he unexpectedly passed away. It is out of respect for his diligence and talent that I proudly show these concept sketches as a glimmer of what could have been.

Building Better Students


This illustration was created for a Spotswood school district initiative for our guidance department, that outlined all of the opportunities and tools available to community parents. It is modeled after toys of my childhood that contained all the parts needed to build your own play toy.

Postal Cancellation


I had the rare distinction of creating a one-of-a-kind postal cancellation for the United States Postal Service, commemorating the centennial of my town's incorporation.  The cancellation was used for one day only, and I had the honor of being the first person to have the cancellation mark used on postcards I designed for the occasion.

New Yorker illustration submission


There was a brief window of opportunity to have this illustration accompany an article on the post-earthquake situation in Haiti, but it never materialized.  Nevertheless, I'm very proud of this quality of this image, considering I had about three hours to conceive and execute it.

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