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Spotswood 100th

Great design can happen anywhere.  In 2007, I heard that my town was beginning preparations to celebrate its 100th anniversary. I attended a meeting to find out if there was something that I could contribute. As it turned out, the organizing committee hadn't thought about a logo for the event yet.

Volunteering my services, I did some research by looking at old photographs of the town and listening to the stories that the members of the committee had to tell. The streets of Spotswood had once been lined with gas lamps prior to electrification; using the vintage photographs as a resource, I recreated one to use for the logo.

Opportunities.  This project led to a lot of firsts for me:


My first street banners, where I brought the gas lamps back to Spotswood, if only for a short time;


My first brick walkway, located in front of the town municipal center;

My first postal cancellation mark, issued by the United States Postal Service and only offered for one day - July 20, 2008.

While not my first merchandise, this was certainly a thrill to see the variety of things that the residents of town could enjoy ass part of the celebration.

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